Chemistry 1141 @ SSU
Welcome to the web page for General Chemistry 1 at Shawnee State University!

General Chemistry 1 is the first in a two part series of classes that examines the fundamental principles of chemistry. We will be investigating what matter is made of, and how it interacts with other forms of matter. Also, we are going to learn how to make quantitative predictions concerning the products of chemical reactions, as well as learning how quantum mechanics can be used to describe chemical bonding.

My office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:30–11:50 am. Feel free to drop by talk about anything related to chemistry during these times! My office is located in Massie hall, room 323.

Some of you may be interested in joining and participating in our Chemistry Club. We meet every third Friday.

We generally provide some form of food and drink at all of the meetings.

Here's to a great fall semester!